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The Full Story

Welcome to our homemade syrup business, where we create delicious and unique syrups using only the freshest organic ingredients. Our story begins with me, your founder, a special needs teacher with a passion for bartending and creating unique flavors.

As someone who is dedicated to using only the best ingredients, I make all of our syrups in my small kitchen room using organic food materials and absolutely no preservatives. I believe that using organic ingredients is not only better for our health and the environment, but also allows for the purest and most natural flavors to shine through in our syrups.

That's why we only use the freshest produce available, sourcing all of our ingredients from the Bay Area to provide the fresh and delightful taste you want and deserve for all of your culinary and mixology desires.

We take our commitment to using organic ingredients seriously, and go through massive amounts of work to ensure that no GMO products, chemicals, or preservatives are used in any of our syrups. Each batch of our syrups is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that every bottle is of the highest quality.

I take great pride in my work and believe that every bottle of syrup that leaves our kitchen is a reflection of the hard work and dedication that I put into creating it. Whether you're a home cook looking to add a little something extra to your dishes or a bartender looking to create unique and delicious cocktails, our homemade syrups are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bar.

So why not give us a try and taste the difference that comes from using only the freshest organic ingredients in every batch.

Thank You,

Luke Joseph 


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